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Loudoun Chamber Reacts to Publication of the Loudoun Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan Draft

County housing staff unveils strategy to address housing shortage

Lansdowne, VA – The Loudoun Chamber, which collectively represents over 1,100 member businesses and tens of thousands of employees across the region, shared its support and initial review of the Loudoun County Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan (UHNSP) Draft published by Loudoun County Staff on April 1st, 2021.

The UHNSP plainly points out, the Loudoun “market is not producing enough housing to meet current and future demand and is not producing enough housing at diverse price points to meet the needs of many residents,” particularly those at lower income levels. These are the conditions that foster economic and social crisis.

Many of the Chamber’s policy positions for addressing housing affordability are aligned with the solutions incorporated in the UHNSP draft including, the utilization of under-utilized and County-owned land for the creation of more affordable housing types; a use of tax-credits, down-payment programs, low interest loans, and an expedited development process; and lastly, addressing the impact that capital fees have on the ability of a developer to provide an economically viable and affordable product.

“The UNHSP draft sheds a light on important issues that must be addressed in the near future, including the need for policies that will ensure the Urban Policy Areas provide an appropriate mix of housing sizes and types to enhance affordability,” said Grafton deButts, Vice President of Membership and Government Affairs at the Loudoun Chamber.

“While the strategy calls for no net losses in our affordable housing stock, we would like to charge the Board of Supervisors to adopt a “net gain goal” that will be required to adequately address this community-wide challenge.”

For more information on the Chamber’s Public Policy Positions, click here.

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