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LeadShare Spotlight: Western Loudoun Mastermind LeadShare

Thank you to Deborah Leben, the leader of Western Loudoun Mastermind LeadShare for being our spotlight this month!

Our mission in the Western Loudoun Mastermind LeadShare is to foster collaboration, nurture connections, and propel success within our community. Through inclusive, bi-weekly meetings we showcase dual keynote speakers and facilitate roundtable mastermind discussions fostering the exchange of business insights, brainstorming solutions, providing mutual support, and igniting growth.

We extend an open invitation to all like-minded professionals to join us in this journey of building a thriving network of shared success where together we drive collaboration, forge connections, and inspire success across Loudoun County.

Why does the LeadShare work for you and your group members?

The LeadShare concept works for us as it is designed to bring businesses together in a small setting to learn about the products, culture, expertise, and services offered by each business.  It is a strategic way to network on a more personal level, connect with power partners, and organically share referrals that would best suit members’ needs.

What makes your LeadShare special?

What makes Leadshare special are the people and businesses in the Western Loudoun Mastermind Leadshare as they are located in – and/or actively building their business in Western Loudoun County.  This Leadshare has a dynamic meeting format adjusted to meet the needs of the group while keeping in step with the goals and objectives set forth by the Chamber.

The meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 8:40 – 10:15 am at the lovely Stony Point Business Center. The center is designed for businesses to come together away from the office setting for team building, strategy meetings, and retreats in the tranquil surroundings of the quaint, historic Hillsboro, Virginia.

The Western Loudoun Leadshare offers dual keynote presentations where businesses team up to share their offerings and discuss how keynote businesses can work together as resource partners and enhance their customers’ experience. The Leadshare members engage in mastermind sessions to work through challenges that businesses are encountering today to gain a variety of insights and perspectives.  Our collaborative and dynamic meeting format is designed to keep the meetings fresh and create energy across the group with topics that are relevant to all members.

How do you benefit from LeadShare?

Our members benefit from LeadShare as we continue to evolve as a new LeadShare and focus on developing a strong foundation among the members by understanding their pain points and goals in order to effectively share business connections that will help optimize and run their organizations better.

The LeadShare also provides access to resources and information that can help our businesses grow and improve operations.  These gatherings include industry insights, business tips, and educational talks from businesses within and outside of the Chamber.

Overall, Leashare creates a supportive environment where members can share ideas, seek advice, and offer support to one another.  This sense of community can be invaluable for business owners, especially during challenging times or when facing common business issues.

Are there industries not represented in our group that you are looking for?

This Leadshare cordially invites other businesses that love brainstorming and strategy sessions. Our focus is to create strategic partnerships that are willing to work as power partners with the Leadshare members to help solve current business challenges.  Regarding membership, we believe the following industries would be great power partners with the current members: bankers, accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage broker, financial advisor, handyman, electrician, home inspector, plumber, appraiser, estate attorney,  Executive Business Coach, CEO Peer Group Leaders, Executive Strategy Planner, Business Management Consultant. 

How has the LeadShare benefitted you as a Leader of the LeadShare?

The overall benefit is having an opportunity to bring like-minded people together in a smaller forum that cultivates belonging and shared value across the LeadShare. It has been a privilege to work closely with members of the LeadShare, LeadShare presidents, and the Chamber’s power team to shape something that is meaningful and relevant for business owners and employees to prosper and grow in Loudoun County.  I am grateful to have encountered these brilliant minds as they have been a catalyst for my personal and business growth in the short time that I have been involved with the Loudoun Chamber.

Meeting 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month: 8:40 – 10:15 a.m.

Location:, 36847 Stony Point Road, Hillsboro, VA 20132