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LeadShare Spotlight: Senior Resource Partners

Thank you to the Senior Resource Partners LeadShare group for answering some questions. The Senior Resource Partners LeadShare group meets at Waltonwood, 44141 Russell Branch Pkwy in Ashburn on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:45 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Our Mission Statement: Senior Resource Partners provides complete and compassionate care as we make retirement life, your best life.

Why does LeadShare work for you and your group’s members?

  • We are lucky, in a sense, that our group provides services to a special niche within the Loudoun community – senior care. With all of our services aiding the aging process, we can easily send referrals to one another to complete the level of continuing care.
  • Our lead share is a group of professional working in the same industry.  So we actually have to opportunity to refer and to get referrals.  AND they are all vetted and I know whenever I refer it will be a good referral.
  • Because you get to know the members of your group deeper than random casual networking events.
  • I am able to gain professional resources to share with my residents, as well as solicit for event sponsorships.
  • In addition to having created lasting relationships with our great members, I have trusted resources with these folks that I can trust to provide top-notch service to clients, family and anyone I may refer to them.
  • Being in a group that meets multiple times a month allows us to really know each other. It is only after you build a strong relationship with someone are you able to recommend him/her to your clients.

What makes your LeadShare group so special?

  • The ability to guide to the next level of care for seniors – easy way to send referrals to each other. It’s quite nice to have a solution for a client that is struggling with something you can send to someone in the group and be assured they will be taken care of without any of the worry.
  • We have an AMAZING group of people.  They are fun, they know their business very well and we all enjoy spending time together.
  • We all share a love for helping people and older adults.
  • All members are warm/welcoming and offer goods/services to benefit the senior community.
  • We all service the aging population and are passionate about seeing that they get the best care and service possible
  • Senior Resource Partners is the best Leadshare for someone that specializes in working with the senior (more seasoned) community. The knowledge that our members have is very impressive. The friendships that have been forged in our group are very impressive.

Besides access to new business leads, how do your members benefit from LeadShare?

  • Learning about each other businesses is key to helping the other members to understand what they exactly do and how they support the senior allows us to make the referrals easier to one another. It’s awesome to have a great network of peers that cares about the seniors in our community to give them the best care possible.  It also provides a platform for us to ask questions to like-minded businesses about what they are currently struggling with and recommendations on how to overcome those challenges – a trusted resource.  Also by sharing other events that pertain to the senior community, it allows all the members to potentially reach more clients.  We hope to market the group as a total solution for senior care.  Looking into opportunities to promote the group at 55+ communities and other events for senior care.
  • Each of them are a huge resource to other professionals.  Knowing each of them, you have connections to so much more.
  • Close, trusted relationships with people to help in personal and business decisions.
  • Camaraderie and friendship
  • Trusted resources so that we can provide a higher level of service to our clients, etc.
  • Leadshare members are always looking to help other members. We inform each other about events in the area and also educate each other at each meeting when we do our presentations.

Are there any industries not represented in your group that you are looking to fill?

  • Absolutely – we are currently addressing the vacant seats by concentrating on one seat for each meeting.But there may be others that may not be on the list.  We would love for anyone who’s business touches seniors in some way to attend our meetings.  We’re always looking for great, new members to help us complete the senior’s needs within the community.
  • Funeral Homes, Daily Money Manager, Financial Advisor, Insurance
  • contact the group leader for the full list – Chris Poland, The Compounding Center,

How has your involvement as a member/leader within LeadShare benefited you personally, and our business.

  • Less stagnant . . . it has enhanced me in many ways to grow personally, our group and my business. It’s great to have a team/support group that stands behind you and supports you as we all chase different endeavors.
  • This group has given me and my business a group of truly wonderful people.  Professionals that I know I can trust and call with any question I may have.  In addition, we have gotten to be great friend and we all truly enjoy spending time together.  Absolutely love our group!!  Senior Resource Partners!!!
  • Greater resources, friends, access to many smart people who are like minded.
  • I have gained a large amount of sponsor dollars to offset event costs for residents.
  • Both!  My leadshare members are like family.  I love to spend time with them and they have all enriched my life in many ways above and beyond business.
  • Leadshare has been great for me both professionally and personally. I have new friends for life and also a trusted group of individuals that I know will do a great job.

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