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LeadShare Spotlight: Loudoun B2B

Tim Davis is the leader of the Loudoun B2B LeadShare group and a member of the Ambassadors Council. Thank you Tim for answering these questions about your group!

Why does LeadShare work for you and your group’s members?

LeadShare works for our group because we all share the common theme of working in the business-to-business industry. This allows for natural connections and opportunities to refer our clients to members of the group to meet a need.

What makes your Leadshare group so special?

Our LeadShare group is special because of the business-to-business connection all the members share. Also, our group has a strong core membership that has been active in LeadShare and the Chamber for many years. Outside of that, our group has seen great growth with newer members. This combination allows for a productive and energized meetings.

Besides access to new business leads, how do your members benefit from LeadShare?

Members benefit from LeadShare because it can give them a group of peers that they can lean on to understand and gain insight on market conditions. The group adds “Mastermind” discussions to its meetings, which gives group members the ability to discuss and share topics such as scheduling, prospecting and general best business practices. Lastly, the ability to refer clients to other members allows LeadShare participants to continue to find ways to add value to their clients.

Are there any industries not represented in your group that you are looking to fill?

We are open to all business-to-business industries not currently represented, but specifically looking to add members in the commercial insurance and marketing industries.

How has your involvement as a Leader within LeadShare benefited you personally, and our business.

My involvement as a Leader has benefited me as it allows me the opportunity to meet new people within the Loudoun Chamber and the broader Loudoun business community. It has also given me an ability to work on my leadership skills and managing a meeting within a group setting.

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