Attainable Housing Advocacy

Loudoun County is, and will continue to, face a workforce shortage throughout every industry unless it creates more housing opportunities for our workforce, aging population, and students that would like to return to Loudoun for full-time employment. Without a thriving and growing local workforce, Loudoun’s economy and businesses will never meet the demands of our community. For Loudoun’s businesses to grow over the next 20 years we need to increase housing opportunities for our most important asset – our workforce.

“Housing and economic development should be seen as symbiotic rather than independent of each other, as one cannot thrive without the other.” – Loudoun Economic Development Commission Report

Join your fellow leaders in our community in sharing the impact that housing is having on your business to Board of Supervisors.  This fall the Supervisors will be seeking to approve the Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan and it’s critical that your story is heard in order to achieve an effective long-term solution.  If the housing shortfall is not addressed today, we will experience generational damage to our thriving business community and to Loudoun’s unique quality of life.