Attainable Housing Advocacy

Providing Homes for Workers Who Serve our Community


“Housing and economic development should be seen as symbiotic rather than independent of each other, as one cannot thrive without the other.”
– Loudoun Economic Development Commission

Loudoun County is facing a workforce shortage crisis that is impacting every industry and limiting the ability of businesses to create jobs and economic opportunity in our community.

The greatest factor in this crisis is the lack of affordable housing opportunities for our workforce, especially those who serve our community in public safety, teaching, health care, the trades and hospitality.

Also hurt by this crisis is our senior population and students that would like to return Loudoun after graduation, military or public service.

Without a thriving and available local workforce, Loudoun’s economy and businesses will suffer.

The most effective step we can take to address our workforce shortage crisis is to adopt public policies that will increase the availability of housing opportunities that is affordable to those who serve our community.

While Virginia and Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors have taken positive steps  to address this issue, including the adoption of Loudoun’s Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan, much more needs to be done.

That’s where you come in!

Rewriting Loudoun’s Zoning Laws

If you care about the future of Loudoun’s economy and workforce, which includes today’s K-12 student population, it’s critical that your voice is heard.

Loudoun County is in the process of updating the laws that govern how our community will develop in the future. This process is now in the hands of the Loudoun County Planning Commission.

Need information on the planning commission’s process and schedule for public hearing & comment, and work sessions, deadlines, etc.

Please consider lending your voice and your perspective to this zoning ordinance rewrite, and please consider emphasizing the Loudoun business community’s main priorities for this document: economic development, housing and transportation.