Crafting Your Housing Message

Speaking at a Public Hearing

Thank you for being willing to speak out on behalf of our friends and neighbors that represent Loudoun’s growing workforce.  If this process is new to you, first let us say, “Thank You” for the courage and leadership it takes to speak out.

This is an issue that you are passionate about and our simple template below will help you craft your message and ensure that your passion is effectively communicated in unison with the business leaders that will stand with you.


Step 1: Craft Your Story – 4 questions to share your story in 60 seconds or less.

  1. Where and with whom (this can be yourself) do you see this housing shortage having the greatest impact today?
  2. What are their goals? What are they attempting to achieve that is greater than themselves?
  3. How is Loudoun’s Housing shortage impacting their ability to meet this goal or achievement?
  4. What solution today could remove this barrier?


Step 2: Utilize a Proven Template – Weave your story within a well-crafted statement so people will listen.

“Good Evening, My name is (Your Name) and I am the (Your Title) of (Your Business) located in (Your Business Location) and I’d like to share with you the impact that Loudoun’s housing shortage is having on me and its long-term effect on business here in Loudoun County.

Insert Your Story:
– Example #1:  Before the pandemic, we consistently had unfilled positions for good jobs within my company.  Because of this, we had to turn away potential customers and income for myself, my employees, and the County. It is an honor to operate a business in Loudoun County and, but I now also have a responsibility to my employees and their families to ensure our company continues to grow.  The lack of housing opportunities in Loudoun not only limits our opportunity to grow but puts an even greater strain on my employees when their income cannot keep up with the rising cost of housing. The only way out of this cycle is to make a significant investment in a diverse set of solutions to address my employees and my future employees housing needs.

Example #2:  Today, 8 of my 10 employees currently live outside of Loudoun County because of the high cost of housing.  Because of this keeping my employees has become the greatest challenge to my business as I spend more time working on employee retention techniques, such as teleworking and adjusted work hours just to keep the employees I have.  It will be impossible to grow my business if my employees cannot also live in the community where they work. We need to find ways today that our employees that make market rate or higher for the jobs they do also afford to live or rent here.

We ask that you look for new and innovative ways to invest in housing in Loudoun to ensure the long-term opportunity for our workforce, for our businesses, and the quality of life for all Loudoun citizens.


Step 3: Rehearse your message

Public Comment during Board of Supervisors meetings are limited to between 2 – 3 minutes each. Once you’ve finished writing your remarks, practice, and time yourself.  Try to keep your remarks between 2 and 2 ½ minutes to ensure you won’t feel rushed and can provide your remarks in the time allowed.