Frequently Asked Questions | YEA! Program

Commonly Asked Questions about
the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program


  1. What age group is accepted into the YEA! Program?
    The YEA! program is looking for students in middle or high school that are Loudoun County students. If your student lives in Loudoun but is enrolled in a private school in a different county, they are still eligible to apply.
  2. How long is the program?
    The program runs from October 2020 to May 2021.
  3. Where and when are the classes held?
    The class is held at the Mason Enterprise Center in downtown Leesburg from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Tuesday evenings.
  4. Are there any scholarship opportunities?
    Yes, the Chamber offers scholarships to students who are a part of the LCPS CAMPUS program or if a student is on free and reduce status. Payment plans are also offered. If your student is not a part of the CAMPUS program but you are seeking scholarship assistance, please contact YEA! Program Coordinator, Faith Shoup, at
  5. How much is tuition?
  6. How many students are accepted into the program?
    Class size will be restricted to 20-24 students for the Class of 2021
  7. Does my student need to fill out the application? To be considered for the YEA! program all applicants must fill out the application completely. If your application meets the programs standards you will be asked to come in for an interview with a panel. After your interview you will be notified of your admission status.
  8. How much time do the students spend outside the classroom working on their businesses? We make sure to give the students plenty of time in class to work on their businesses. Depending on what the business is that the student has created will determine the amount of extra work they do outside of the class.
  9. In order to apply for the program does my student need to have a business idea?
    No, students do not need to have a business idea to enter into the program.
  10. Is there extra help offered to the students?
    Yes! There are multiple office hours for students to utilize outside of the classroom.
  11. What do students do during the 7 months of YEA!?
    YEA! students learn how to create, pitch, and launch their business ideas. Students are required to participate in a CEO Roundtable, Investor Panel, and the end of the year Trade Show. Students will also have the opportunity to travel to local businesses to meet with local CEO’s.
  12. Can students participate in YEA! for multiple years?
    This is a one-year program for students. After students graduate from the YEA! program, we set them up with the Small Business Development Center in Leesburg who will help coach and mentor them through their startup. The YEA! program is also happy to announce that we have an alumni program called LYEF (Loudoun Young Entrepreneurs Forum) which is a club created by YEA! alumni for YEA! students and alumni!

Last Update: 2/27/2020