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Focus on Your Mental Well Being

In our nation’s response to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the focus has been on the physical health of our families and employees, and the economic health of our businesses and nonprofits.

But for a nation subject to double-digit unemployment, millions of our countrymen infected and a six-figure death toll, the toll on our collective and individual mental health cannot be ignored.

Nor should it be.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention offers robust resources for helping you cope with the stress and fear associated with the disease, the economic pressures resulting from lost jobs or revenues, and for helping family members and co-workers as they face their own mental health challenges. Those CDC resources can be found here:

In addition, Loudoun County offers a mental health first aid class thorough their web site:

There also are professional mental health service providers available in the Chamber membership. To locate those services, visit and search for Counseling.