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EYE ON LOUDOUN: Envision Loudoun is YOUR plan!

Do you have a one-year plan? What about a five-year plan?

Perhaps you are thinking of when you will retire, or about helping your children go to college and get their first house. Did you know that Loudoun County is putting together a 20 year plan for how the County will grow and what it will look like? Loudoun will soon finalize its land use and transportation plans that will shape the face and growth of our community for the next 20 years.

Known as Loudoun 2040, this plan will guide all the major decisions the County will make in the future and will have a major impact on the economic prosperity and quality of life our community enjoys. Everything from road and transit investments to business and job growth will be impacted by this plan.

Do you want a say in this plan?

It is vital that Loudoun business owners, employees, and residents speak up before the final draft of this comprehensive plan is prepared. Unless the Loudoun business community shows up to make its voice heard, the decisions made may inhibit Loudoun’s economic growth, diminish our business climate, and place more of the tax burden on our residents and remaining businesses. We know the tremendous impact that local business has on our prosperity and quality of life.

The Loudoun Chamber has created a page on our website for our members to view talking points and get more information on the Envision Loudoun process that is putting together the Loudoun 2040 plan. Please visit this site to learn more about the issues that the Chamber has identified as being key for our future success in Loudoun. Then make plans to attend an Envision Loudoun public open house this month. Beginning May 14th and through June 1st, members of the public will have their final opportunity to help influence the version of the Envision Loudoun plan that will be considered by the Loudoun Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. You can visit the Loudoun Chamber Envision Loudoun page on our website to check out the times, dates, and locations of the six Envision Loudoun public open houses. Please make plans to attend even one of these public forums to share your thoughts on the future of Loudoun County. The Chamber’s web site has a wealth of information about the priority issues we are tracking: housing, transportation, land use, and economic development. Please take advantage of this information as  you submit your comments to the County.

Take a few minutes to make your voice heard.

Loudoun 2040 is your plan. Make sure it includes what is important to you, your family, and your business.