Crafting Your Message | Zoning Ordinance

Crafting Your Message

Guidance on how you should craft your responses

    • Quality in comments is more important than quantity. If a rewritten section is unclear, give an example of how the language is unclear and what requires clarity. The more specific, the better. Also, make sure you have your questions ready beforehand.
    • Examples that are useful for Planning and Zone include ones that give the additional cost or time that the revised language causes versus the current language. If you feel comfortable, propose a fix to the language in your comment.
    • Refrain from disparaging or insulting language.
    • Input MUST reference specific chapter sections by number (e.g., 3.06.06, 4.07, 5.08)
    • Must include specific text recommendations for changes and/or modifications

What should you Comment on?

  • What do you “care” about most? What areas of Loudoun are you passionate about?
  • What location are you interested in hearing about (Rural areas, Transition, Suburban, Urban)
  • You will not be able to print and/or keep the comments you enter online. If you want to retain your comments, write them out first in Word or another format you can save.
  • There is no limit to the amount of text you enter in the comment box
  • You can print the ZOR text and save it as a pdf file
    • It is located on the top left of the panel with the banner “New Zoning Ordinance”
    • You can also select what chapters/sections you wish to print or save a pdf file
  • If you want a tutorial, County staff created it HERE
  • Make Comments in two ways: