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Coffee Club Advisor Spotlight: Pam Jones

A Coffee Club Advisor Spotlight: Business Development with Pam Jones

Note: The Coffee Club acts as if you have your own advisory board at your fingertips. A free resource through the Chamber, the advisors at the Coffee Club work with small business owners to help answer questions as their business grows.

As a member of the Small Business Council, Pam Jones is instrumental in developing and shaping the Coffee Club, which connects business owners with advisors. The Coffee Club advisors offer solutions, direct towards other resources, or offer referrals. 

Pam offers council regarding business development, sharing her expertise and success as a top producing real estate agent. Working with a business coach, Pam developed processes and systems that result in focus, leads and sales. Some examples of her work with the Coffee Club:

  • Advising a couple striking out on their own how to reach back to past customers for referrals and testimonials to help spur their new venture.
  • Working with someone who works on accident and health claims research, Pam suggested proactively contacting Chamber insurance company members and asking for in-person meetings to discuss how their service saves money.

Pam began her real estate career in 1983. In 1994 as a managing broker, Pam was looking to manage, train, motivate, and hold accountable her associates. She turned to a business coach to help her with her own business development. Pam says, “After a few years of frustration trying to make unmotivated people work harder, I elected to promote myself to sales and have never looked back.

Pam continues to work with a coach and shares her knowledge and mentors motivated business owners regarding their business development.

When asked about the Coffee Club, Pam says, “It is a resource of strong, smart business people who are willing and able to point them in the right direction. Every entrepreneur had great ideas of their own; it sometimes takes someone outside of the business to give it direction and see things from another perspective.”

Pam not only is an advisor with the Coffee Club, she seeks out advice from other advisors. Pam tells how a business advisor reviewed her marketing booklet and found that while the information it contained was excellent, the flow was wrong. By tweaking the flow of information suggested by a business advisor, Pam wins 85% of the proposals she makes.

The secret to Pam’s success is in giving! She gives her time and talent, and is convinced that everyone she meets can be a potential referral for her business. Pam says, “I passionately love the way I help people solve their basic housing needs while also crafting a lifestyle for themselves and their families. It fascinates me every day!”

The Coffee Club is a service that is part of your Chamber membership, so take advantage of it today!

Pam & Dave Jones are active Chamber members and are the Extraordinary Transitions Team at Long & Foster.

Photo: Pam (far left) and her husband Dave (2nd to left) and friends support Mobile Hope at the Superhero 5k this past April decked out in costumes!

Credit: Julie McCarter of Shoot Photo, Inc.