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Call To Action From Loudoun Chamber President: Jan. 29, 2020

Dear Loudoun Chamber leader:

Before the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session began, the Loudoun Chamber identified the protection of the Commonwealth’s right-to-work laws as one of our top three priorities. Right-to-work laws protect worker’s rights, freedom of speech and their jobs by outlawing any agreements that mandate an employee must join a union, or pay union fees, or be fired. The Loudoun Chamber took this position because states with right-to-work laws are creating jobs and increasing incomes at a rate 50% higher than states without these worker protections.

We also took this position because the Commonwealth’s bipartisan tradition of supporting pro-business polices has made Virginia our nation’s Best Place to Do Business (CNBC),) and put us in the top 10 among states for lowest unemployment and poverty rates and highest household incomes. Now, some politicians in Richmond want to change these pro-business policies.

This week, I travelled to Richmond to testify before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee meeting against Senator Richard Saslaw’s “fair share bill,” which would force workers to pay fees to unions to which they do not belong. With scores of business groups poised to testify against his bill, Senator Saslaw, also the Committee chair, abruptly pulled his bill and announced it would be brought back up next Monday. The good news is this provides us more time to convince Senator Saslaw and his colleagues that his bill is a bad idea for Virginia’s workers, its employers and our economy. And we need your help to make that case.

PLEASE take a few minutes to contact these members of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee to urge them to vote NO on SB 426, the fair share bill.

We ask that you please make these calls by this Friday, January 31, and please also let me know if you receive any feedback from these offices.

  • George Barker — (804) 698-7539
  • John Bell — (804) 698-7513
  • Creigh Deeds — (804) 698-7525
  • Adam Ebbin – (804) 698-7530
  • John Edwards – (804) 698-7521
  • Lynwood Lewis – (804) 698-7506
  • Louise Lucas — (804) 698-7518
  • Dave Marsden — (804) 698-7537
  • Monty Mason — (804) 698-7501
  • Lionell Spruill – (804) 698-7505
  • Scott Surovell — (804) 698-7518

When you call, please ask for a legislative staff member and give them:

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Business name
  • Statement that you are calling to express opposition to SB 426 known as the “fair share” bill, and any effort to otherwise weaken or repeal the right to work law.

Your help in opposing SB426 is essential to keeping Virginia’s economy strong and growing thank you in advance for that help.

Tony Howard, President & CEO