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Behind the Business with Bev Barker

Bev Barker, a champion marketing expert on the Business Women of Loudoun Committee, is a seasoned Chamber member and our “Behind the Business” Spotlight this week! Thanks Bev!

(photo below from the Business Women of Loudoun Fashion Show in 2014. We like to call this photo “Bev Takes the Runway By Storm”)

 1. How did your membership with the Chamber begin, and what is your history in this area of Virginia?

My office is located in Reston, but I decided to join the Loudoun Chamber over ten years ago. That gave me a great excuse to go for a drive “into the country” and stay in touch with nature and wildlife. In good weather, it’s still not unusual for me to spot a red-shouldered hawk or two perched along Route 7 on the way to the Chamber.  I’ve always enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking and camping in Northern Virginia.

2. What is your business and how have you seen it evolve from when you started to 2015?

I “grew up” as an advertising copywriter at big ad agencies on Madison Avenue, but when I moved to Virginia I wrote Freelance Copywriter on my business card. It didn’t take long to figure out that in the D.C. area, “copywriting” translates to “copyrighting” (“the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute the matter and form of something as a literary, musical, or artistic work” – Merriam-Webster). NOT writing. Since then, with the rise in popularity of social media, copywriting has evolved into content writing, blogging and branding. That’s how we can help you today at

3. What is your favorite moment as a Chamber member so far?

When I was presented with the Committee Chairman Award last year by Tina Johnson and Jill Friedrich, Co-Chairs of the Business Women of Loudon Committee (BWOL). But I have favorite moments all the time with clients and friends I have met here and networked with at the Chamber over the years.

4. What committees are you involved in?

BWOL, Small Business Council and when I first joined the Chamber, the Home-Based Business Connection. Committees involve lots of interaction and work, but they’re also a great way to help grow and evolve business and other opportunities for members. At BWOL, we offer an open invitation to any member of the Chamber, new or established, female or male to join one of meetings and find out more. You can check out all nine different ones you could join on the Chamber website under “Committees.”

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Northern Virginia/DC area in your spare time?

Join friends on daytrips to local historic sites, wineries and other fun outdoor activities starting with Loudoun Chamber member companies. One great resource I found is right on the home page of the Loudoun Chamber website ( at the top. Just click on “Discover Loudoun” and you’ll find links to Visit Loudoun, Loudoun County, Loudoun Wine Trail and much, much more.