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Behind the Business: Heather Donahue, Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Thanks to Heather Donahue, Director of Sales for Lost Rhino Brewing Company, for answering a few questions with us! Check out their website here.


Behind the Business: Lost Rhino Brewing Company

1.)  What is your role at Lost Rhino?

Director of Sales

2.)  What is Lost Rhino‘s mission/purpose?

To brew high quality and interesting beers that bring adventure to our drinkers.

3.)  How did your career start out?

My first “beer job” was with a Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler working in their contemporary marketing and sales material department.

4.)  How did you get to where you are today in your career? 

I started doing more work for the craft brands at my wholesaler job, and got hooked.  I left to work events for Old Dominion Brewery, and got more involved in the craft industry. When Flying Dog Brewery came to the East Coast I was offered a position to be their Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep and worked for them for 6 years, eventually managing the State of VA sales.  I retired from Flying Dog to have my daughter, but just couldn’t stay out of the industry.  Lost Rhino asked me to come on board and manage their sales team, and I have been busy running that department for 2 years as we continue to grow. 

5.)  When did you know you wanted to be involved in the brewery business?

As soon as I worked my first craft beer festival.

6.)  How did you get involved at the Chamber?

I saw the need for Lost Rhino to increase our participation in the community, as Loudoun continues to expand its support of the craft beer industry and its consumers. I hope to be more involved now that we have established a good relationship with the Chamber.

7.)  What is your favorite memory at your job so far? 

Picking hops right off the vine to make our Wet Hop Ale, “Hop Shove-It”. (see photo above!)

8.)  What is your favorite part about your job?

Watching our sales grow, not only through reports and numbers, but in consumer brand recognition.  It’s awesome to see your brewery sticker on cars! 

9.)  What is your favorite thing to do in Loudon on the weekends?

My family loves eating (and drinking) at the local restaurants/breweries/wineries.  We also take advantage of all the great parks.  Loudoun is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

10.)  What is your favorite app?

Pinterest. It has an idea for everything.

11.)  What is your favorite place to go out to dinner in Loudoun?

There are too many great places to choose just one, but we love the variety of independently owned restaurants rather than the national chains.

12.)  What is a hidden passion of yours that people may not be aware of?

Yoga. I actually got my teaching certification at Flow Yoga in Leesburg.  It was an amazing experience. 


Thanks Heather! Check out Lost Rhino’s website, Facebook page & Twitter page! @LostRhino