Welcome to the Loudoun Dulles Green Business Challenge!

We are Loudoun Dulles Businesses saving energy, conserving water, reducing waste, combating congestion, protecting native habitat and reaching out to our employees, customers, communities and each other.  We are also Loudoun and Dulles Businesses putting environmental sustainability to work to help us save money and grow our sales.

We are a diverse bunch, ranging from businesses that are new to environmental sustainability through leaders and innovators in sustainability. We range from home-based businesses through Fortune 100 corporations. What we have in common is that we enjoy challenging ourselves and each other to become more environmentally and financially sustainable. For us, the Loudoun Dulles Green Business Challenge is a fun way to measure our accomplishments, identify new ways to save money and grow, meet one another and show customers, employees and our communities that we’re green.

  • Commercial Businesses: This is the appropriate scorecard for a business located in space that the business owns or has the right to modify. This is the scorecard to use if your business owns the building in which it is housed, a business in condominium office space and a business that leases space in a building where it is allowed to make significant changes to things like lighting, HVAC, paint/wall covering, carpeting, plumbing or landscaping associated with its space. This scorecard is not the best one too use if your business is located in a home or in space the business leases where the landlord controls most modifications. LINK TO COMMERCIAL SCORECARD (Commercial PDF)
  • Tenant-Based Businesses: This is the appropriate scorecard for a business located in space the business rents from a landlord who has the right to significantly limit the modifications the business can make to its space. This scorecard fits any business that cannot change overhead light fixtures (not including desk lamps and the like), the HVAC system, plumbing fixtures, landscaping, etc. related to its space. In addition to being the scorecard that is appropriate for any sized business that is located in leased space, it is the appropriate scorecard for a small business headquartered in a leased apartment/townhouse/house where the landlord does not allow the tenant to modify the apartment. LINK TO TENANT-BASED BUSINESS SCORECARD  (Tenant PDF)
  • Home-Based Businesses: This is the appropriate scorecard for a small business that is headquartered in a home. The scorecard assumes the homeowner (and hence the business) can make changes to the home such as changing plumbing fixtures, lighting, paint or wall coverings, landscaping, etc. To use this scorecard, the business may not have operations in office or other space that qualifies under the definitions of “Commercial” or “Leased” above. If the business is located in an apartment, and the business does not have the right to modify the apartment, the appropriate scorecard is “leased.”  LINK TO HOME-BASED BUSINESS SCORECARD  (Home-Based PDF)


Why Join In the Loudoun Dulles Green Business Challenge?

The Green Business Challenge has identified a number of actions businesses and organizations can take to become more energy efficient, implement more sustainable practices, and improve their bottom line. By making this commitment, your business or organization will help Loudoun County ensure a healthy and sustainable quality of life for all its citizens.

Participation is as easy as  –  – 

 REGISTER: Fill out the online registration form to join the Challenge 
Registering for the Challenge gives you access to the online scoreards and gives us the contact information we need to keep you up-to-date on Challenge activities. When you register, you create a business profile.  We use the information in your busines profile to create the certificate of achievement and Directory listing you receive for completing the Challenge. Please register using the company name and contact information you would like to appear on your certificate Directory listing.

 COMPLETE SCORECARD: Fill out and save your GBC scorecard. 
You will be directed to a scorecard that is customized to the building(s) your business occupies.  We offer scorecards for home-based businesses, businesses that lease space and businesses that own or control their own space.  You will be asked to select the scorecard that fits your business  on the Registration page. After selecting a scorecard, you will be sent to a page where you will create a username/password and then onto another page to enter your company profile information. When you exit the scorecard it will automatically save. You can reenter the scorecard and use your username/password to access the “pencil” icon to edit your scorecard throughout the Challenge. You can update and save your scorecard as you achieve each action item. 

Points are awarded based on the number of action items achieved on the scorecard.  Since each business is unique, you have an opportunity to earn bonus points and innovation points for practices that are not already addressed within the scorecard.  

 SUBMIT all your achievements on your scorecard electronically before the Challenge deadline. 
There is a submit button at the end of the scorecard. Please remember to click submit by 5 p.m. on September 2, 2016 to enter the Challenge. Please only hit the submit button when you finish work on the scorecard. You will not be able to edit your scorecard after you hit “submit.”

Based on the number of points on your submitted scorecard, you will be recognized as a Participant, Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum Loudoun County Green Business. In addition, selected businesses will receive recognition as the greenest Home-Based, Tenant/Leased Property and Commercial Business. We also offer awards for year-to-year improvement and innovation.