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The 4 P’s of YP’s

Post written by Tanya Bittenbender, Program Coordinator at Leadership Loudoun.

Learn More about Leadership Loudoun’s partnership with the Loudoun Chamber, or apply here! The deadline is June 12th.

You know the 4 Ps of marketing but do you know the 4 Ps of YPs? 

The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey reveals that young professionals want to work for companies with a larger purpose and they want their work to have a positive impact. Too, they think businesses should focus more on professional development for employees. Other trend reports note that Millennials seek to pave their own path of performance.  

By 2020, this generation will be 40% of the workforce. Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte Global, cautions businesses to “change the way they engage Millennial talent or risk being left behind.”

Chamber businesses can leverage Leadership Loudoun to engage and retain young professionals.

Millennials want to have a positive impact on society and they believe in service. Leadership Loudoun classes act as mini think tanks, presenting possible solutions to existing community problems. This creates experiential learning and space for YPs to apply their talents in a meaningful way.

Throughout the program, participants are free to push limits and test their skills. Leeway that many YPs feel is lacking in their current workplace.

Other studies show, Millenials seek professional development that is collaborative and allows for reverse mentoring. Leadership Loudoun participants are diverse in age, culture, experience and industry. The new program design encourages class members to learn from each other to foster more collaboration and mentoring across the age divide.

Leadership Loudoun blends purpose, positive impact and professional development. It is an avenue for young professionals to demonstrate their problem solving, team leadership and project management skills. It is a unique stop along their self-governed path of performance.

Chamber businesses that sponsor an employee convey their commitment to developing young professional talent. With this approval to build leadership skills through service, YPs will tweet, text and post that they work for a company with a conscious.

Class of 2016 application deadline is June 12, 2015. Visit


Tanya Bittenbender is a Leadership Loudoun graduate and the Program Coordinator. She freelances occasionally and buys leadership books habitually. Last Thursday, she had the honor of hanging out with some Chamber YPs