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Resolutions – Do they really work?

Post written by Susan McCormick, 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year & Owner of The Wellness Connection

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The reality is that resolutions work for some people, and create nothing but more angst for others.  It really depends on how you are motivated and the level of commitment you have towards your goals.  Most resolutions fail because they are often based on what others think you “should” be doing.  They send a message that who you are, or what you are doing, is not good enough, and therein lies the fundamental reason that resolutions fail.

At The Wellness Connection, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to wellness that addresses the mind and body in a way that’s never been done before.  Wellness plans often fail because patients have a mindset that they are going to fail, or because they feels they are not deserving of being happy.

To make a resolution work, follow these steps to see if you notice a difference.

  1. Don’t call it a resolution.  Make a bold statement that you deserve to feel good, and believe that you are deserving of all good things that will happen to you.
  2. Be specific and only identify small changes.  Instead of saying you want to lose weight, state you want to decrease the amount of Diet Coke you drink, or that you want to take 20 minute walks three times a week.
  3. Write it down and share it with someone who will hold you accountable.
  4. Use positive language as you move towards your goals.  Rather than saying, “I’m going to fail”, replace it with, “I can’t wait to see how good I feel when I reach this goal.”
  5. Get support.  Join a gym with a friend or sign up for a group wellness challenge.  The Wellness Connection offers an 8-week challenge that teaches you to how to live well.  Last year, our winner lost 26% of her body weight, and we spent very little time talking about what to eat and how much to exercise.  The transformation happened when we started to deal with the life stressors that were getting in the way of positive changes.  Join us for our next challenge that begins February 8th.
  6. Review your progress and celebrate positive milestones.
  7. Build on your resolutions.  Once you start to feel success, you will start to feel better in other areas of your life, too!

If you find yourself stuck and believe there is no way a resolution will do the trick, I invite you to entertain talking with a life coach or therapist who can help you break through these old patterns.  I have seen first hand, how therapists can unlock the potential for you to live the life you deserve.