Loudoun 2040 : Public Hearing Template

Loudoun 2040 : Public Hearing Template

Section 1: Introduction

Members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors,

My name is ________________________ and I live in _______________________ (if in Loudoun) and work in _________________________ (if in Loudoun).

Section 2: State the problem.

  • I am here tonight/today to express concerns about Loudoun’s housing affordability crisis and how it impacts local employees who struggle to live and work in Loudoun County
  • I’m am concerned for the health of our business community because of Loudoun’s lack of housing that is affordable for our local workforce.
  • Local business owners who cannot find and keep talent.
  • Our home prices far exceed what the average income earner can afford in Loudoun.
  • As we compete for talent, we lose because our housing costs are making it impossible for businesses to afford to pay their employee what it costs to live here.
  • We have the jobs, we just don’t have the housing options for the workforce we attempt to hire.
  • Our business community’s ability to be prosperous in Loudoun will continue to be stifled because of this inability to attract and retain talent long term.

Section 3: Add a Personal Story

  • How has the inability to hire negatively affected your business?
  • What could your business look like today if this wasn’t an issue? (Paint a picture of what success looks like and how you were unable to achieve it)
  • How has this issue affected a member of your team?
  • Have you lost team members due to housing affordability in Loudoun?
  • Be creative in sharing a personal story how this issue has negatively affected you and what your business or life would look like if the issues was alleviated.

Section 4: A Clear and Unified Call To Action

“For the future of our economy, please seek to address our lack of housing supply in Loudoun through the comprehensive plan.”