Loudoun’s Zoning Ordinance Update

Permanent Changes Made In The Zoning Ordinance
Rewrite Will Have Lasting Impacts on Loudoun’s Economy

Loudoun County is nearing the end of the multi-year process of rewriting the Zoning laws that govern all future land use and development in our County.

The Zoning Ordinance Rewrite process was only intended to align Loudoun’s Zoning laws with the vision of the County’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan, and make our Zoning laws more consistent, modern and user-friendly.

Yet the extensive and labor-intensive process of rewriting our land use ordinances opens the door for unintended changes, or changes that are not consistent with the intent of the Comprehensive Plan.

That is why the Loudoun Chamber is asking you to participate in the Public Comment Period of this important process.

Please take action NOW to let the County’s Planning Commission and staff know you support zoning laws that allow the County to take full advantage of its investment in Metrorail, while allowing small businesses throughout the Urban, Suburban and Rural policy areas of our County to prosper, without unnecessary government regulations.

For more information on this topic, contact Government Relations Manager Theo Stamatis or call 571-209-9021.