Loudoun’s Zoning Ordinance Update

Permanent Changes Made In The Zoning Ordinance Rewrite
Will Have Lasting Impacts on Loudoun’s Economy

Loudoun County has passed its first major milestone in the multi-year process of rewriting the Zoning laws that govern how the County will grow and create economic opportunity and a world class quality of life for its citizens into the future.

The Zoning Ordinance Rewrite process was intended to align Loudoun’s land development laws with the vision of the County’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan, and make our Zoning laws more consistent, modern and user-friendly.

But in the analysis of the Loudoun Chamber and other business organizations, the changes proposed by the County’s Zoning Ordinance Commission would make it harder, more expensive and more uncertain to do business in Loudoun County.

Thank you to all who commented on the Zoning Ordinance Commission’s Draft Zoning Ordinance document by the July 18th deadline.

County staff heard from many of you in the Loudoun business community and the Loudoun Chamber is working hard to ensure that your comments are incorporated into the Draft ordinance.

Click here to view the Chamber’s suggested public comment language document. To view the suggested comments from the Economic Development Advisory Commission (EDAC), click here.

Next Steps

The next phase of this project begins with a Loudoun County Planning Commission public hearing scheduled for August 30, 2022. Staff is preparing an updated version of the Draft zoning ordinance for the Hearing, that will be informed by the input received from the public, as well as other stakeholders.

All comments and recommendations provided by the ZOC, community groups and the public will be transmitted to the Commission and Board, for further discussion.

Please stay tuned for details about how you can continue to participate in this process, including at the Planning Commission’s public hearing and public review process.

For more information on this topic, contact Government Relations Manager Theo Stamatis or call 571-209-9021.