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Get to know the 2020 CLA Finalists! Tony Stafford, Ford’s Fish Shack

Congratulations to Tony Stafford, owner of Ford’s Fish Shack, for being a finalist in the Executive Leader category!

The 2020 Community Leadership Awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting on January 24, 2020 at The National Conference Center. This is an annual award given in five categories. Learn more here

What does community leadership mean to you/your business?

To me, community leadership means not only supporting your own business, but also supporting the local businesses around you, whether it’s your friends, neighbors, or competitors.

Share with us who/what your inspiration is in making giving back to the community a priority?

My inspiration for giving back to the community comes from our guests and fans. They support us as regulars, and we do our best to return the favor by giving back to local organizations that benefit everyone in our community.

What is your most proud moment in regards to community involvement?

Some of my proudest moments in regards to community involvement relate to my mentorship work with Loudoun \County Public Schools. It’s the growth I see in the students and providing opportunities for those students who are pursuing careers in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

How does giving back to the community affect your life?

Giving back certainly has a positive effect on my life. It’s amazing to see the impact your efforts can have in your community.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting more involved in their community?

My suggestion would be to start small. Don’t try to go overboard right away. Seeing what works and the difference you can make gives you the motivation to continue to your hard work and achieve even more results.

What is a leadership tip or mantra to live by?

Always treat everyone around you with respect, from your neighbors and friends to your competitors.


Thank you to Tony Stafford for answering our questions! Congratulations to all of the Community Leadership Award finalists.