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Are smart cities walking a tightrope between utopia and chaos?

Written bVanessa Wagner, Loudoun County Economic Development
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The Loudoun Technology Coalition received a great response from the community regarding last month’s event, “How Smart Cities Will Make Your Business Smarter”. Over 60 attendees met for a discussion featuring speakers from Amazon Web Services and 22 Capital Partners. The topic focused on exploring the potential and opportunities that smart cities will provide Loudoun and the surrounding region. While there is much excitement about the possibilities this brings to our community and businesses, it’s also important to recognize the work needed to prepare the infrastructure prior to deploying new technology.

Loudoun-based Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. recently shared their thoughts on how Loudoun and other communities can proceed with diligence on smart city projects. Their CEO, Dr. Paul Carter provided commentary to StateScoop advising on the importance of managing these complex systems. Dr. Carter highlights the value of benchmarking network performance and stability and applying routine testing and monitoring.

“With a well-thought-out network benchmarking, measurement and monitoring strategy, cities can better understand the true value of how the smart city technology is impacting their critical areas of service, such as transit, energy, and environmental services. And this needs to be considered now as smart city projects are occurring at a rapid pace throughout the U.S.”

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If you would like to join this conversation then save the date for the next Loudoun Technology Coalition meeting. The coalition’s mission is to connect, engage and grow the community of technology companies in Loudoun. The coalition meets the 3rd Friday of each month and invites you to the upcoming meeting July 21 at the chamber offices. Contact Staff Liaison Danielle Kabban for more info,

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