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5 Quick Energy Saving Tips from the Green Business Committee

– Written by Steve Searless, Green Business Committee Co-Chair

1) Turn it off.  The best and most straightforward way to reduce the amount of energy any electrical item is using is to turn it off when it isn’t being used or needed.  Be it a light, computer or television, if you aren’t using it, be sure to turn it off.  Make it a conscious effort when you leave the room and you will soon find it will be a habit.

2)  Install LED lighting.  LED lighting is by far the most efficient lighting technology and is now available in every imaginable shape and size, but don’t feel you have to replace them all.  Energy savings are concentrated in the lights that use the most wattage and are on the longest.  Start with the lights you use the most and move on from there.  

3)  Install timers, and other controls.  As much as you try, you can’t always remember or be there to turn it off, so get some help.  Install timers and motion sensors in the most used areas, especially for outdoor lighting, so that they can turn the lights on and off at the right time and only when they are needed, even if you can’t.

4)  Give your air conditioner a break by getting rid of halogen and incandescent bulbs.  These bulbs use a lot of energy and most of it ends up as heat, not light.  All this heat puts extra load on your air conditioner, using even more energy.  Replace these lights with LEDs and get the double benefit of a more efficient light source and less heat to get rid of.

5)  Get help.  Figuring out what energy saving actions make sense for you can be confusing, but don’t worry, there is lot’s of help available to point you in the right direction.  There are may companies and organizations that can help you understand what energy saving actions are right for you.  Various local governments and utility companies have information and resources to help you.  The Department of Energy or your local utility website is a great place to get started. 

– Written by Steve Searless, Green Business Committee Co-Chair

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