Loudoun’s Data Centers

Data Centers Zoning Changes May Increase
Your Taxes and Hurt Economic Growth in Loudoun

The Loudoun Board of Supervisors is considering changes that could hamper data center development in Loudoun and threaten an industry that is generating $500 million in net tax revenues that would otherwise result in your family and business picking up the tab.

While the Board has initiated a study of the land available in Loudoun for future data center projects, several Supervisors have expressed an inclination to limit the development of new data center projects in Loudoun.

The Loudoun Chamber is concerned that any effort to restrict new data center projects in Loudoun will have an adverse effect, driving away Loudoun’s largest source of commercial investment and with it a significant source of jobs and tax revenues.

How to Make Your Voice Heard

  1. Speak on this topic at an upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting. A list of Board meetings can be found here.
  2. If you can’t make a Board of Supervisors meeting, please send a letter or an e-mail. You can find each Supervisors mailing and email information here.
For more information on this topic, and how to register to speak at the Board meeting, click here or contact Government Relations Manager Theo Stamatis or call 571-209-9021.  Article: “Loudoun County Land Use Committee to Discuss Future Data Center uses” via Loudoun Times-Mirror