What is Envision Loudoun?

Envision Loudoun is the process that will result in a New Comprehensive Plan that will serve as Loudoun County government’s guiding document for land use and development for the foreseeable future. You can participate by sharing your thoughts through a broad range of community engagement opportunities. 

For more information on the entire Envision Loudoun process, click here.

Addressing the Significant Business Issues

Finding and keeping talented employees is an issue that business owners are facing daily in Loudoun, then the Comprehensive Plan will have a direct affect on what housing options will be available for them in the future. 

Transportation to and from work is just as significant and the comprehensive plan will have a direct affect on expanding our roads in Loudoun to allow all of us to get to and from our jobs quickly, safely, and effeciently. 

Plainly put, once every 20 years or so the County staff review and edit the Comprehensive Plan in order to determine what can built in Loudoun (buildings, houses, recreation and roads) and where those types of uses can be placed (zoning).  Without our input, decisions will be made that may have a longterm negative impact on your business.

The Reality

Our business owners and employees are impacted daily by the stress that our lack of housing options and over-crowded road networks.  Here's how it's affecting them today:

"My new restaurant sacrificed $20,000 in revenue a week because I could not find employees who lived in Loudoun County."  

Tony Stafford, Ford's Fish Shack

"Our business is forced to serve a smaller service area because of the high cost of our employees and fleet sitting in traffic.  This is costing our business thousands in potential revenue."

Carol Barbe, Backflow Technology. 

The Chamber Working On Your Behalf

The Chamber has and will continually seek input from our members. Here are the two issues that they are facing right now that need to be addressed in this process.  

1) Greater Variety of Housing Options for All Types of Employees and Residents

Loudoun really needs more homes and apartments that are affordable for our police, fire and other public safety employees, teachers, retail and hospitality workers and those in the construction trades.

Long-time residents that are now downsizing empty-nesters and those recent college grads who were raised here in Loudoun.


2) Roads that Increase Business Opportunities, not Eliminate Them


We are right next to two lucrative markets with deep talent pools, but we lack any good connections to Maryland and Prince William County. A new Potomac River Bridge crossing and the Bi-County Parkway would make it easier for my business to reach new customers and new employees.
Something has to be done about the daily gridlock on Route 15 and Route 9 every morning and afternoon. The traffic is not only makes it harder to recruit and retain good employees, it is really hurting two important historic areas, Lucketts and Hillsboro.

Voice Your Opinion

Now through July 10th, Loudoun County is seeking the opinion of its residents and businesses in an effort to meet the needs of the community over the next 30 years.  

Take the Survey.  Voice Your Opinion.  Make a Great Community.

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