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Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) Wraps Up It’s First Year in Loudoun

Written by Program Manager, K.C. Repage
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The Young Entrepreneurs Academy has just wrapped up their first year here in Loudoun. Over 40 students in Loudoun applied to be a part of the program and 29 students were accepted.

What is the point of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy you may ask? Students in middle and high school take part in a 30-week program where they launch, pitch, and find investment for the businesses the students have created. 27 businesses were created this year, with businesses ranging from gaming to fashionable medical purse for EpiPen’s.

The program is executed in three different sections: The Big Idea section, The Pitch section and The Launch section. The Big Idea section is where students can brainstorm about business ideas, learn how to create a business plan, and decide whether or not they want to team up with a fellow classmate to create a businesses. 

In the next section of the class, the students learn how to pitch their businesses to a panel of investors. This past year we had a $5,000 investment which was split up and awarded to six different businesses.

  • $500, GoHub – Ryan Thomas of Loudoun County High School and Hana Stepnick of Stone Bridge High School
  • $500, Shock Group Apparel – Chris Reed of Rock Ridge High School
  • $500, Sotarily Charming – Mahika Ghaisas of Freedom High School
  • $1,000, EpiFriend – Isabel Craun of Loudoun County High School
  • $1,000, A+ Safety, Kyle Reichert of Rock Ridge High School
  • $1,500 Saunders Scholarship Winner, Pet Ping, Salar Riar of Belmont Ridge Middle School

Lastly, students were given the opportunity to register their business. As a result, our Young Entrepreneurs Academy program:

  • 12 prototypes were build and 8 new products were launched
  • 8 businesses have received outside investments
  • 4 students opened their business bank accounts
  • 8 businesses have online stores
  • 5 businesses have already had their first sale

This program would not have nearly been as successful without the help of our sponsors, business mentors, instructors, graphic designers and guest speakers.

Now the best part is we now have 27 new businesses in Loudoun County. We are very excited for our Class of 2017!


If you know of a middle or high schooler interested in the YEA program please contact Program Manager K.C. Repage at or stop by our YEA page at Applications are now out for the Class of 2018 and will close on June 19, 2017.