2021 Loudoun Chamber Policy Positions

On behalf of our more than 1,250 members and the Loudoun community we serve, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce will advocate for public policy solutions that will lead to a world class quality of life in Loudoun County.

Full Policy Positions

The Chamber’s policy positions are based on the following principles, which are necessary to ensure a healthy business climate and a strong community here in Loudoun, and will support the overall success of our member organizations:

  • Federal, state and local laws, regulations and tax policies must support a strong, pro-business environment that ensures economic competitiveness and protects the ability of businesses to create jobs and economic opportunity;
  • The Chamber is committed to partnering with like-minded organizations to advocate for the issues and policies that serve the interests of Loudoun’s businesses and community;
  • Federal, state and local governments must provide adequate investment in vital assets, such as transportation, technology, energy, water, K-12 education, higher education and workforce development, to meet the needs of a growing economy and population;
  • More of the tax revenues generated by Loudoun’s businesses and citizens should remain in Loudoun to serve the needs of our businesses and citizens;
  • Federal, state and local government must be responsive to the needs of the citizens and businesses, and accountable for the funds entrusted to their stewardship; and
  • Loudoun County’s business and nonprofit community must have the opportunity to work with government officials at the federal, state and local levels to develop and implement legislative and regulatory policies that will impact the economy and quality of life in our community.

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