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Next Generation CEO Spotlight: Anwith Telluri, CEO & Founder of College Compass

Thank you to Anwith Telluri, 9th grader from Briar Woods High School / Academy of Engineering & Technology and YEA Class of 2019 Alumni for answering a few of our questions. Congratulations on receiving a $500 investment toward your company College Compass.

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1.  Tell us about the company you created during the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Class of 2019.

College Compass solves a key problem that our current generation of high school students face. Students are settling for colleges that they can easily get into. My app allows high school students seek their full potential.  College Compass is a platform in which regular high school students can input their GPA, SAT scores, etc. and College Compass will return a college range that fits the user and recommendations criteria to have higher chances to be accepted into a top program.

2.  What was the inspiration behind your creation of College Compass?

My sister consumed a lot of time trying to find the right colleges that fit her. She had to scour the web and meet professionals just to find which colleges she had a great chance of getting into. I knew that there had to be an easier way for her to find her college range with a simple two-step process. My application does just that and more. College Compass revolutionizes the way that high school students like my sister find the right college for them.

3.  What do you plan on doing with your investment? 

I will use the money to rather maximize my development.

4.  What has been your favorite memory from this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy? 

The moment when they announced my company name and I received a $500 investment!

5.  What advice would you give to the next Young Entrepreneurs Class?

First, you have to have a tremendous passion for your product/service and “trust yourself” and work hard / keep trying again and again (as you would fail many times before you become successful) and never give up. Always keep that in mind. If you miss any one of these, your product/service may never see the light. For example, you may have passion and believe in yourself but give up when you face an obstacle, your product/service is simply incomplete. You have to work hard everyday to fight for your company.

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