The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and its Green Business Initiative encourage all businesses to strive for long-term environmental sustainability. Updated for 2017, the Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business scorecard helps identify and recognize the environmentally-sustainable accomplishments of participating businesses. Any entity conducting business in the Loudoun-Dulles corridor is welcome to pursue annual certification through the completion and submission of a Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business scorecard.

The Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business program relies on the honor and integrity of each participant. There are no authorities in place to audit each submission. The Loudoun Certified Sustainable Business has been developed to recognize, acknowledge and build a community of trust among participating organizations. To better prepare for the scorecard and certification process, consider how sustainability relates to your business with regard to these pillars of sustainability:


  • Efficiency and quality—How does your business improve efficiency in waste, energy, transportation, water and the supply chain?
  • Productivity—How does your business address air quality, thermal comfort, greenery/nature, and water quality?
  • Growth and resiliency— How does your business engage employees, conduct public outreach, and address risk management?


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