Donating to the Loudoun Chamber Foundation

Your donations help the foundation's efforts to support Loudoun’s nonprofit community. In 2017, Loudoun Chamber Foundation awarded $10,000 in grants to five local nonprofit organizations serving Loudoun County - Press Release Click Here

Mission and Vision

It is the Vision of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce to create and promote a world class quality of life in Loudoun County. The Chamber’s Mission is to partner with our members to create a Chamber experience that leads to personal, business and community success. To achieve its Vision and Mission, the Chamber created the Loudoun Chamber Foundation to conduct philanthropic and community building activities.

Strategic Objective

The objective of the Loudoun Chamber Foundation is to advance the Chamber’s strategic objectives and make a meaningful contribution toward creating and promoting a world-class quality of life in Loudoun County.

Contribution Priorities

The Loudoun Chamber’s charitable giving is prioritized based on an applicant organization’s alignment with our strategic objectives and mission. In particular, the Chamber will focus on these areas, in order of priority:

  1. Economic Development and Entrepreneurship – The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce believes strongly in the value of creating economic opportunity in our community as the most essential element of a world class quality of life.
  2. Education and Workforce Development – The quality of our workforce and K-20 education systems that prepare our future workforce are essential components of Loudoun County’s world class quality of life.
  3. Public Safety –The Loudoun County Chamber has a decades-long tradition of supporting our emergency first responders and their families, particularly those that have suffered injuries or death while in performance of their sworn duties.
  4. Healthy Community – The health of the Loudoun economy and its quality of life is inextricably linked to the health and wellness of its citizens and the financial stability of the organizations that serve our citizens’ health and well-being.


For more information about the Loudoun Chamber foundation, please contact Tony Howard, President of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce: or 571-209-9020.